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Sphere Ice Ball Press & Maker

Showcase your famous drinks with an equally extraordinary clear ice appearance. Sphere Ice Ball Press & Maker gives you a distinctive, memorable touch to your cocktails, drinks and cold beverages. The Spheritz sphere ice ball press creates a unique ice cube to fit into any signature drink and add fun, modern flair. The clear, almost see through ice keeps your drinks cold for longer with diluting the taste with watered down flavor.

The sphere ice ball press and maker is quick and easy to use to give every cocktail an exquisite presentation without delay. The spherical shape floats with the bubbles of carbonated drinks and sits elegantly with mixed liquors and juices. Ice balls fit perfectly in any glass and melt slowly, so drinks are chilled but never watered down. The distinguished detail allows premium drinks to stand apart and add to a unique and stylish motif.

To show off the iconic emblem of your hotel, club, bar or restaurant, Premium Ice will customize your ice ball maker for a unique branding opportunity. Order your sphere ice ball press and maker from our Las Vegas, Nevada, location.