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Ice Ball Mold Gallery

The ice sphere maker creates a smooth, exquisite, chilled ice ball ideal for liquor and classic mixed drinks. The spherical shape chills drinks evenly and sits handsomely in a high-ball or low-ball glass.The single crystal clear orb gives signature recipes a polished look and adds a modern twist to old favorites.

The ice sphere maker makes every drink your own and highlights a chic, professional edge. Using a distinct combination of weight, pressure and temperature, the ice ball mold quickly forms a clear, perfect sphere. The clever, unusual shape and formation of the clear ice ball draws second glances from guests as their drinks are served and adds intrigue to the delicate mixing process.

Try the ice ball mold with your most popular drinks in and customize your order with your business logo or name. Order your Sphere Ice Ball Press & Maker from Premium Ice, and call or email for more information.