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Sphere Ice Ball Presses for Sale

The ice sphere maker utilizes a base to hold your raw ice and a press that silently chisels away the exterior as it closes. The smooth, crystalline ball is left in the center to be placed in a high-ball or low-ball glass with whiskey, rum, gin or other potent potables. The outside appeal of the ice ball is a distinguished, intriguing appearance to a traditional drink, but the intrinsic benefit is even better. The ice ball’s smaller surface area allows it to stay colder longer, so the first sip is as pure and satisfying as the last.

Order an ice ball mold for your bar to make long-lasting, exquisite drinks. For more information or to place your order, contact Premium Ice today.

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Retail Press Kit
Our Price: $350.00
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Retail Ice Press for Restaurants & Bars

The Spheritz Ice Ball Press & Maker
Our Price: $495.00
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The Spheritz ice ball maker is a low effort way to add creativity and flair to your drinks.
Diamond Press
Our Price: $795.00
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 Diamond Ice Press for Sale